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Hi there, I am Fani Kurti

A Florence, Italy based photographer, specializing in Architecture, Interiors and Urban Landscape Photography.

I started my photography adventure while studying Architecture at the University of Florence in Italy. I have always been intrigued by the architectural images of famous architects published in magazines, books, monographs and websites. The already innate visual sensitivity was finally meeting the Architectural Eye, which was being cultivated on the one hand by the beautiful historic architecture of Florence and on the other hand, by the university studies. So, the passion for architecture photography was taking shape.

The style of my photography is concentrated in 3 words: Vivid, Deep and Vibrant. It also is very much related with the main goal of my photographs: Presenting the best, out of every architectural subject, through pursuing the aesthetics of each image and achieve perfection out of every detail. My style was developed in time, by combining some unique shooting techniques, with targeted times of day, usage of artificial lights and modifiers and advanced post-processing methods.